I started my coding journey in 2006. Being a web designer for three years, I decided it was the right time to take the next step, so I began to try PHP and never looked back.

PHP opened a wide spectrum of possibilities in terms of tools and applications like Wordpress, Moodle, PHPCollab and many others. In the meantime, I was very intrigued with ActionScript and how we could make Adobe Flash (RIP) applications dynamic with XML and simple http requests. What an exciting ride!

The web was changing fast. Everything was quite seducing and challenging at the same time. So to get into the game I cofounded Pulse - a digital agency, focused in developing websites and web systems.

To keep the pace, I've put my chips in Object Oriented Programming and have tried some platforms and frameworks. In fact, I've started my own PHP framework, which the core is still available in GitHub. Basically is a simple database mapper that turns your row into an object making things like CRUD a bit easier and adding a layer of automation.

What am I doing now?

I do code as a Full Stack Developer for Pulse, as a freelancer and in personal projects.

PHP, React, Gulp, Webpack, jQuery, Bootstrap, Laravel, MySQL and Composer among others are important tools in my routine though I'm in a serious relationship with Python and Flask.

If I'm not coding, probably you'll find me playing guitar, recording and producing music or reading, not necessarily in that order.

More? You can reach me at LinkedIn or drop me a line by email if you prefer.


Programming professionally since 2006, I have solid experience with PHP, OOP and frameworks like Laravel and Flask (Python).